Video: In President Obama's Earth Day Message, A Call For Local Action


photo via flickr

Earth Day is Thursday, and President Obama is challenging Americans to get busy greening their own communities. The former grassroots organizer says that although the laws in Washington are important, so is action at the local level to create change: "It can be as simple as riding the bus or the subway to work, making your home more energy efficient, or organizing your neighbors to clean up a nearby park."The White House has created a web page,, where visitors can make a pledge to take action, learn about the history of Earth Day, and share their green story.

The President touted the success of many of the country's environmental laws, including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. He did no mention the soon-to-be released Senate climate and energy bill, rumored to be released on April 26.

The President, as he often does--and to his credit--also reframed the debate between jobs creation and protecting the environment, saying that the jobs of the 21st century will be fueled by green energy: "We've rejected the notion that we have to chose between creating jobs and a health environment."

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