Video: Crazy Guys Jump Off Wind Turbine

Base Jumping Championships Launch from Wind Turbine
We're into finding multiple uses for all kinds of objects here at TreeHugger — from transformer furniture to roofs that double up as bee habitat, by building numerous functions into every day objects and structures it's pretty obvious we can greatly lessen our use of natural resources. But I must admit I had not seen this one coming — a group of adrenaline junkies in the UK decided that the Ecotricity wind turbine in Swaffam, Kent, made the perfect launch pad for the 2008 UK pro-base jumping championships. And presumably this is significantly greener than traditional parachuting. Rather them than me. And it's not the only recent sign that Ecotricity are as much thrill seekers as they are environmentalists...
In fact, it seems like Ecotricity may be courting the extreme sports crowds these days, what with land-yacht speed record attempts in the desert, and CEO Dale Vince developing his pet electric sports car project. In all the excitement, we're glad to see the company still keeps on churning out the turbines too.

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