Video Conferencing Worth Over $3.8bn By 2016?

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The IPCC is a big fan of video conferencing, and while we had some doubts about early videoconferencing technologies, with technology getting better and better—and Prince Charles giving speeches as a 3D "hologram"—it seems logical that video conferencing will continue to grow as travel gets more expensive. Business Green tells us that a new report predicts the video conferencing industry growing to $3.8bn by 2016. Report author Richard Thurston tells the website that recent disruptions to international travel played a big part in changing people's perceptions:

"There are numerous advantages to telepresence, such as reducing travel costs, improving productivity and reducing carbon footprints, and the technology is now of a very high quality, so take up is increasing. Furthermore, events such as the volcanic ash cloud caused a huge spike in the use of videoconferencing, and helped businesses reassess the use of the technology."

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