Video: Colbert Sides With Bastardi That Meteorologists Know Best on Climate Change

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Stephen Colbert brought on Joe Bastardi, chief Accuweather forecaster and climate change skeptic, and Brenda Ekwurzel, a climatologist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, to debate the science of global warming. Colbert expressed his usual truthiness (and cluelessness): "On February 6 it was 10 degrees. Today it hit almost 80. At this rate, by August it will be 220 degrees."Colbert was no doubt brought to the debate by the recent NY times article, "Among Weathercasters, Doubt on Warming."

Climatologists, who study weather patterns over time, almost universally endorse the view that the earth is warming and that humans have contributed to climate change. There is less of a consensus among meteorologists, who predict short-term weather patterns.

The split between climate scientists and meteorologists is gaining attention in political and academic circles because polls show that public skepticism about global warming is increasing, and weather forecasters -- especially those on television -- dominate communications channels to the public.

Even Stephen seemed to understand the difference between weather and climate: "What's the difference between climate and weather?" Colbert asks. "Is not climate just made up of thousands of little weathers?"

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