Victory For Hemp! Oregon Legalizes Industrial Production

industrial hemp photo

Industrial hemp growing in France, photo: Wikipedia.

Good news: Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski has signed into law a bill permitting the production, trade and possession of industrial hemp, Current reports. The bill received bi-partisan support, passing by a vote of 46-11 in the state House of Representatives, and by 27-2 in the Senate:The law sets up a state-regulated program for industrial hemp growing.

16 States Have Pro-Hemp Laws
This law is the sixth pro-hemp law or resolution passed by a state in the 2009 legislative session -- Oregon now joins Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Vermont on that list. Sixteen states have passed pro-hemp legislation since industrial hemp production was outlawed in the US over 50 years ago.

Under current federal law, industrial hemp can be imported into the US, but not grown.

The Hemp Industries Association estimates North American sales of industrial hemp products in 2008 to have been $360 million.

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