Victoria's Secret Catalogue goes Green


Limited Brands, owners of Victoria's Secret, have long been under attack by environmentalists for printing millions of catalogues on paper made by clearcutting Canada's boreal forests. (earlier post here) Now they are dumping Canadian source West Fraser Timber and will print on paper made from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified fibre. 360 million catalogues will now be made from paper that does come from caribou habitat and "does not contribute to the demise of endangered species." ForestEthics hammered out the agreement, terms below the fold. and ::Yahoo- Limited Brands will partner with its primary paper supplier to
eliminate all pulp supplied from the Boreal Forest (Alberta's Rocky
Mountain Foothills) and British Columbia (Inland Temperate Rainforest).
- Shifting its catalogs to either 10% PCW or at least 10% Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) content during 2007.
- A preference for FSC certification, the only credible certification for
sustainable logging. Limited Brands has partnered with one of its
principal suppliers to shift four of its mills to FSC.
- Overall catalog paper reduction.
- A commitment to continual improvement on environmental attributes of
catalog paper and paper use. Progress will be audited by an independent
third party and made public.
- A commitment to phase out of Endangered Forests.
- One million dollars committed to research and advocacy to protect
Endangered Forests and ensure leadership in the catalog industry.