Vets Fight For Clean Energy In New Ad is launching an advertising push for clean energy with a new TV commercial that will run in both key states and nationally. The spot features veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is aimed at getting the Senate to pass its version of the Waxman-Markey bill, which cleared the House earlier this year. The national security argument for energy and climate action has gained credence over the past few months. Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard Engel, who directs the Climate Change and State Stability program of the National Intelligence Council, told Southern governors last month that global warming will cause drought, floods, and storm damage in their region and around the world. Engel was joined by retired Sen. John Warner of Virginia, a well respected voice on national security and the military.

Warner has been working with the Pew Environment Group on a new project to highlight the links between national security, energy and global warming. In May, the White House released a report called the "Scientific Assessment of the Effects of Global Change on the United States." The report found threats from climate change to key sectors of the country, including water resources, transportation, agriculture, ecosystems, and human health.

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Douglas Peters; Detroit, Michigan: I've seen first-hand how America's dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security.

Philip Gilfus; Fayetteville, North Carolina: Billions in oil profits finding their way....

Terron Sims, Jr.; Arlington, Virginia: ... to the terrorists we're fighting against.

Jackie Rodgers, Jr.; Paris, Missouri: That's why Washington needs to pass Clean Energy legislation. It will create good jobs...

"1.7 million new American jobs" appears on the screen, above footage of "green energy" workers

"Reduce Carbon Pollution" appears on the screen, above a smoke stack

Philip Gilfus: Cut carbon pollution....

Terron Sims, Jr.: Stop sending our dollars overseas to be used against us.

Philip Gilfus: Call our Senators, tell them to pass the clean energy bill.

"Tell Congress: Pass Clean American Energy, 202-224-3121" appears on the screen

Douglas Peters: It's not just a question of American Energy....

Terron Sims, Jr.: ....It's a question of American Power.

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