Vermont Towns Vote Yes On Overturning Citizens United Ruling

Town meeting day in Vermont yesterday yielded a particularly inspirational result: More than 50 towns had Citizens United on their ballots, with at least 24 towns voting yes on anti-Citizens United resolutions.

Still don't know what the Citizens United ruling is all about? Raw Story sums it up:

The Citizens United ruling gave rise to super PACS, officially known as independent-expenditure only committees, which can raise an unlimited amount of money to influence federal elections as long as they do not directly coordinate with a candidate’s campaign.
Super PACs have quickly outpaced old-fashioned PACs, which can only accept annual donations of $5,000 or less and give a maximum of $5,000 per election to candidates, allowing campaign spending by outside groups to skyrocket. Super PACs have also exploited a loophole that allows them to postpone the disclosure of their donors until after the elections they participate in.

And the green connection? When the LA city council passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional amendment banning corporate personhood late last year, I wrote:

Due to the lobbying and so-close-they-could-kiss relationship between the majority of politicians (Democrat and Republican alike) and Wall Street, Big Oil & Coal, and Agribusiness, the US is the greatest hindrance out there to progressive solutions to climate change, renewable energy, environmental justice, food justice, and social justice, both domestically and internationally. We in the US live in bought and paid for corporatocracy which increasingly borders on outright fascism, if the collusion between government and corporations brought to light by documents released by Wikileaks, and relating to the Keystone XL pipeline approval process are indicative. Overturning corporate personhood, overturning the Citizens United ruling, is among the strongest and surest steps that the people of the United States can do in reclaiming government for the people, the biological people.

Vermont Towns Vote Yes On Overturning Citizens United Ruling
Dozens of towns have passed resolutions on town meeting day calling for an end to corporate personhood.

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