Vermont Senate Votes Against Citizens United, Corporate Personhood

At Vermont's town meeting day, dozens of towns voted in favor of resolutions demanding the overturning of the Citizens United ruling. Now the Vermont state senate has joined in.

Yesterday, Vermont's senate approved a resolution asking Congress to amend the Constitution so that there is no ambiguity that, "money is not speech and corporations are not persons under the US Constitution."

Vermont's one federal senator, Bernie Sanders congratulated the move:
Citizens United was one of the worst decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court. The people of Vermont and across America are totally disgusted with the huge amounts of money that billionaires and corporations are now throwing into the political process as a result of that misguided decision.

The Vermont Senate has now added its strong voice to a grassroots movement that is growing all across the United States. We must overturn this disastrous decision.

It's not just political flourish, saying that there is a growing grassroots movement against Citizens United. Similar resolutions have been passed in several states now, along with resolutions made by the city councils of Los Angeles and New York.

Vermont Senate Votes Against Citizens United, Corporate Personhood
On town meeting day dozens of Vermont towns voted against corporate personhood, now the state senate has done so as well, urging Congress to act.

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