Vermont Adopts Californian CO2 Regulations

According to the Associated Press, Vermont has approved stricter standards for vehicle emissions to reduce greenhouse gases, leading five other Northeastern states that are working on the same rules. "Vermont’s analysis is that implementing the GHG regulations will cut total fleet emissions in the state from the 2002 baseline by 18% in 2020 (1,488.1 tons of CO2 equivalent) and by 27% in 2030 (2,630.5 tons of CO2 equivalent)." Vermont first adopted the Californian standard in 1998 along with New York and Massachusetts, and they were now faced with following California in beefing up their regulations or falling back to the federal standards. "To date all the Northeastern states which have adopted the California Low Emission Vehicle program (NY, MA, RI, CT, NJ, and VT) have also committed to adopting California’s [new] greenhouse gas emission standards." ::Vermont Adopts New Rules To Cut Car CO2 Emissions, ::Vermont Joins California in Regulating CO2 from Cars