Verizon to install 10 megawatts of solar this year

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Verizon has already committed to slashing its carbon intensity by 50% by 2020, and it has apologized for previous support of a climate change-denial rally.

Having already invested in significant on-site renewables capacity, the company has just announced a further $40 million investment to create to over 10 megawatts of new solar capacity in 2014.

That's a pretty astounding commitment and one that marks ambitious goals to position the company as an environmental leader. In fact, these efforts should make it the number one solar producer among communications companies in America, as emphasized by of the Solar Energy Industries Association president and CEO Rhone Resch:

“Based on its existing solar power capacity and on-site generating systems, combined with its new solar energy expansion plans for 2014, it’s clear that Verizon is on a path to become the solar-power leader in the U.S. telecom industry. In fact, we project that Verizon will be among the top 20 of all companies nationwide in terms of the number of solar installations it operates, and one of the top 10 companies in the U.S. based on solar generating capacity.”

As we've seen in increasingly huge clean energy purchases among computing/internet giants, the real power of any individual company's clean energy purchases is in instigating competition among their peers.

This is exactly the kind of "arms race" we need if we are to decarbonize our energy supply.

Verizon to install 10 megawatts of solar this year
With a further $40 million investment on top of an already impressive record, Verizon is positioning itself as the solar leader among communications companies.

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