Verdant Magazine on Indefinite Hiatus


Verdant, the glossy eco-lifestyle magazine that debuted to much fanfare in May 2007, has formally suspended publication until further notice, according to Michael Ekstract, vice president of Verdant, whose current oeuvre includes a preview issue and its premier issue.

The reason the magazine stalled production is that common woe of lack of funding, Ekstract tells TreeHugger over the phone. "It's unfortunate that we have a publication that people really like and is timed real well, but it's also a challenge to make a physical magazine, especially in this [current] publishing environment" he says. Verdant's physical design showcase, Green Room, is kaput, as well, and unlikely to be resurrected. "The Green Room was never a money-making thing; it was more of a service," Ekstract says, noting that the magazine wasn't a showroom company, and thus ill-equipped to handle the studio's demands. "And it was a drain of resources, both financial and human."

Until financial backing presents itself, Esktract says, Verdant will be focusing on beefing up its Web site, which currently includes a book-review section by editor Sharon King Hoge. The full roll-out is expected in April. ::Verdant