Venezuelan Oil Company, CITGO, Donates Island Nature Preserve To New Jersey

pettys island blue overlay wetlands photo

Petty's Island New Jersey, aerial view with blue overlay indicating wetlands and environmental sensitive areas (provided by NJDEP). Image credit:Pennsauken Green/Photobucket.

Where was the Fox News crew when hands were shaken over this deal?

Via:YahooNews/AFP we see that "Venezuela's oil company CITGO marked Earth Day Wednesday by formally donating an island it owns to the US state of New Jersey for a nature preserve..Petty Island, which is 214 hectares (528 acres) in the Delaware River not far from Philadelphia, was bought by Venezuela's state oil giant PDVSA in 1990."Venezuela's President Chavez "announced the decision at the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad."

Wondered if any birds native to New Jersey happen to migrate to, or through, Venezuela. The answer is yes. American Osprey, for instance.

We will have to do something about this unpatriotic bird which no longer deserves to called "American." There are alternative routes available, after all.

view from petty island photo

A view from Petty Island, just off of Pennsauken, from 2004 Image credit:Veronica Yankowski/For The Star-Ledger
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