Vegetarian Car Rentals from Bio-Beetles of Los Angeles


Remember how the original VW Beetle could float longer than most other cars? We had a hunch that, once ensconced in Maui, as we previously reported, bio-diesel bugs would eventually migrate to the Homeland. From CBS Los Angeles comes the first reported sighting of a 'new' LA-based car rental agency that puts 'less Hertz on the environment'. "For the environmentally-concerned citizen, a new Beetle that runs on filtered vegetable oil becomes available Tuesday at Bio-Beetles Rental Cars located near LAX"..."Although the Volkswagen Beetles, Jettas and Passats could run on standard diesel fuel, the company will only allow the cars to be fueled with bio-diesel, said Shaun Stenshol, the founder and president of Hawaii-based Bio-Beetle Inc". ..."The bio-diesel costs $3.45 a gallon, but the cars get between 30 and 45 miles per gallon, between 400 and 800 miles per tank, Stenshol said".