Vegan Strip Clubs, Dinosaurs in Ohio, Houses for a Buck


The Carrot Some Vegans Deplore"TWO things that you can find a lot of in Portland, Ore., are vegans and strip clubs. Johnny Diablo decided to open a business to combine both." New York Times catches up with the notorious vegan strip club.See TreeHugger's graphic exposé at ::Portland Opens First Vegan Strip Club

Ohio Senate Could Stall Water Deal
"...senators, however, are concerned about wording in an area of the compact that describes the lakes and the water of their basins as "held in the public trust." They worry the phrase might affect private property owners rights to groundwater under their properties." ::Port Clinton News Herald Now the right wing nutbars in Ohio are taking a crack at the Great Lakes Compact. Dinosaurs still roam! See also ::Great Lakes Compact: Selfishness and Self-Interest in Wisconsin and ::Bill Richardson On Great Lakes Water
U.S. Cities Face Housing Abandonment Crisis Cities are trying different strategies -- including lawsuits and selling off housing units for $1.00 -- to deal with mass housing abandonment. ::Planetizen So much housing stock, in towns with water, energy and infrastructure, all going to waste. See also ::Making the Rust Belt Work Again, How Long Until The Rust Belt Becomes The Life Belt? :