Vedanta's Controversial Bauxite Mine Violates Tribal People's Rights: Indian Govt Report

A quick, and positive, update on the status of the embattled and highly controversial proposed bauxite mine in Orissa, India by UK-based Vedanta Resources. An Indian government report, commissioned by the Environment Minister, has recommended that the project not be given approval as it would deprive two tribal groups of their rights. Vedanta Operating 'In Total Contempt of the Law'
The report stated, "The committee is of the firm view that allowing mining in the proposed mining lease area by depriving two primitive tribal groups - Kutia and Dongaria Kondh - of their rights over the proposed mining site in order to benefit a private company (Vedanta) would shake the faith of other tribal people in the laws of the land."

Not only that, but the report noted that Vedanta's activities in the region (including abduction and torture of local activist leaders working against the project) were "in total contempt of the law."

Here are main points of the report:

Mining in the area would disturb important wildlife habitat in the area, including a number of sensitive species.

The mine would threaten the economic, social, and cultural wellbeing of the local Dongaria Kondh people who occupy the surrounding land.

That local state officials had colluded with Vedanta in its application for permission to mine, including falsifying documents in the application process.

Consent for the mining had neither been sought nor obtained from the Dongaria Kondh people, as required under Indian Law. (The Ecologist)

BBC News quotes indigenous rights advocates Survival International as calling the report the "final nail in the coffin for Vedanta's plans" and that it "confirms what Survival and others have been saying for years."

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