Vanno's Corporate Responsibility News Site Going Live

vanno website launch image

Vanno successfully completed beta testing and went live last week.

And, they have many of you TreeHuggers to thank. The website is a Company Reputation Index. It allows users to post news stories that affect a company's reputation, and users decide on if the info from the story helps or hinders the company in different areas from social responsibility to environmentalism and more.

"We're offering a new way to discover what people think about the companies that inhabit our lives," said Nick DiGiacomo, co-founder of Vanno. "With Vanno, we're creating a place for civil, transparent dialogue among everyone — customers, employees, management, journalists, shareholders and citizens - with a stake or interest in a company."

Vanno let us know that TreeHuggers comprise a significant group of quality users, and estimates that thousands of company reputations have been analyzed thanks you your newsy vigilance.

If you haven't yet checked out the site, consider heading over and hanging with some fellow TreeHuggers, submitting and voting on news stories, and perusing what others think about a huge range of companies.

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