Vanno Launches User-Generated Company Reputation Index Website

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OK TreeHuggers - feel like reading news articles about companies and putting in your two cents about their reputation? You're officially invited to do so.

Vanno has just launched a website that puts up user-submitted news content that helps or hinders a company's reputation. Users can vote on whether or not the information in good or bad for the company, and find out where companies rank on issues of concern to customers.

Think you might want to play along? You're invited to be beta testers. Read on to find out how you can take part.

Vanno is a new site where people can learn about and influence company reputations. We call it The Company Reputation Index. Vanno lets people communicate openly about their experiences and allows them to make informed decisions when they do business - considering things like environmental policy and social responsibility.

We are offering your readers a first-hand look at the Vanno experience before our official launch. They will be able to submit, read and vote on stories that affect a company's reputation, so they can make a difference.

The first 500 of you to respond will get a spot for beta testing the site. So feel free to click here to register, then hop on there, poke around, submit stories, and vote.

Don't forget to come back to this post and let us know what you think about Vanno, as well as similar user-generated sites that focus on companies and informed consumer decision-making.

Do you think websites such as Vanno influence your green purchasing decisions, and do you think voicing your opinion helps others make more informed, greener decisions?
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