Vancouver-to-Moscow: Raising Zero-Emission Transportation Awareness

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Colin Angus has had many wild adventures, but his latest, with pal Tim Harvey, may be the greenest yet. The two have embarked on the first human-powered Vancouver-to-Moscow trip. For 11 months (they started last June), the duo will bike, boat (no sails, only oars), and ski accross Alaska, the Bering Sea, and Siberia... (where they will be joined by Yulya Kudryavtseva) in order to raise awareness of zero-emission transportation. Funds raised will support the David Suzuki Foundation, an organization committed to combatting climate change. The trio is currently on a brief respite, due to an injury sustained by Colin, but they'll be up and going again soon. Via Men's Journal Tag along for the ride at [by MO]

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