Van Jones Spotted at Obama Inauguration (Loves TreeHugger!)

Don’t ask me how, but I sat breathtakingly close to Barack Obama’s swearing in. To my left, all bundled up, was Madeline Albright. Two rows in front was Tom Waits and his buddy, the drummer from Metallica—whatzisface. And directly in front of me was this tall, handsome gentleman who said he was from Oakland.Most of our amazing guests on TreeHugger Radio I don’t get to interview face to face. Some I will never meet. Some turn up in the darndest places. Of course we’re very grateful for Van’s kind words, and we salute his sterling efforts to solve America’s two greatest problems: poverty and climate change. A new day has dawned, and it was an honor to step into it with a man such as Van Jones.

(Special thanks to Jonathan Kaplan, CEO of Pure Digital, the creator of the Flip. Jonathan appeared out of the cold darkness of the inauguration morn with a box of Flips emblazoned with Obama's visage).
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