Van Jones Gets Green Gig in White House

van-jones goes to washington photo

TreeHugger hero Van Jones is off to Washington, not as a Czar, but more like a Rasputin, whispering in the ear of the Council on Environmental Quality, which co-ordinates climate, energy and environmental policy initiatives. According to the New York Times,

"Van Jones has been a strong voice for green jobs, and we look forward to having him work with departments and agencies to advance the president's agenda of creating 21st century jobs that improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable resources," CEQ Chairwoman Nancy Sutley said in a written statement last night.Michale Burnham of the Times quotes Joe Romm:

Joe Romm, a current Center for American Progress senior fellow and former assistant energy secretary during the Clinton administration, called Jones a "tireless" advocate for green-collar jobs in inner cities.

"He pushed this issue when no one was interested in it," Romm added.

Jones' candor and talent for firing up audiences will help in his new job, Romm posited.

"A big part of these bully pulpit jobs is selling ideas inside and outside of the administration," he said. "Selling is one of his strong suits."

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