Utah Plans 18% Reduction In Electricity Use By 2015


File this one under "Clout/Luck, Coal Sector."

The US State of Utah has issued a report indicating there is an opportunity to cut energy consumption, mostly [from wording in Platts coverage] through Demand Side Management (DSM) projects that would reduce reliance on gas-fired peaking plants. Sounds good right? How about the fact that 93% of Utahs' electricity is from coal? -- Ninety Three Percent --

Natural gas only provides about 4% of Utah's electicity. And, there's no significant efficiencies to be gained from coal fired generators. Unbelievable.

Energy efficiency programs could reduce Utah's electricity use 18% below projections by 2015 and lead to an overall reduction in natural gas use by 2020, according to a study released Tuesday.

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman in 2006 set a statewide goal of cutting energy use by 20% by 2015. As part of that effort, he asked the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project and Utah Clean Energy to prepare an energy efficiency strategy, with input from key stakeholders, including utilities.

Electric and natural gas utility demand-side management programs offer the greatest potential in cutting energy use, the report said, adding that DSM project could reduce annual electricity demand growth to 1.2% from 3.2%, leading to a 2,375 GWh annual savings by 2015.

Maybe the strategy is more about keeping heating bills down than just conservation and reducing carbon emissions?

The cost of heating a Utah home is going down again this winter. Questar Gas today asked the Public Service Commission of Utah (PSC) to reduce natural gas rates for the sixth time in two years. If approved, the latest rate cut of $89.6 million would lower the typical homeowner’s annual bill by about 9 percent, beginning Nov. 1.

Via::Platts, "Increased efficiency could cut Utah electricity, gas use: study" and Questar Gas, QUESTAR GAS ASKS UTAH PSC TO CUT NATURAL GAS RATES BY ABOUT 9%; SIXTH-STRAIGHT RATE CUT BRINGS UTILITY'S RATES BACK TO 2004 LEVELS Image credit:: Learning Oasis, Power Plant Stacks

Utah Plans 18% Reduction In Electricity Use By 2015
File this one under "Clout/Luck, Coal Sector."

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