U.S./U.K. Consumers Grok Climate Change, They're Just 'Eco-Apathetic'

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Whose more ready to remedy climate change - North or South? Graphic by lumaxart

This is weird and perverse. UK-based Havas Media surveyed nearly 12,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the U.S. and found that while respondents in the U.S. have the greatest understanding of climate change, they also have the lowest levels of concern. That pattern holds true, according to Havas, in the UK as well - both in the U.S. and the UK 34% of surveyed consumers are 'eco-apathetic' i.e. they recognize the climate change concept but take little responsibility for it. Germany shares a similar weirdness - very high recognition, lower sense of responsibility.

You could chalk it up to a wonky survey, except that a Norwegian University of Science and Technology questionnaire found nearly the same - the bigger a country's carbon footprint, the less it cared. In many so-called developing nations, the pattern is different, with much smaller percentages of 'apathetic' consumers and higher percentages of those either attentive to or even absorbed in the climate change issue. Havas created its survey to sell green marketing help to big companies, so perhaps it's no surprise that they conclude consumers want big brands to get out and save the world (only 11 percent of global respondents think government is doing its best) to give us products we want without effecting our quality of life. Luckily TreeHugger helps us keep redefining that QOL. Via ::HavasMedia

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