USAID Launches FWD to Bring Attention to Somalia: Famine, War, and Drought


Screenshot via FWD

According to USAID, 750,000 people in Somalia are at risk of dying over the next four months if assistance is not increased. The agency launched a new initiative today, FWD, to address the ongoing drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. Speaking at Mashable's Social Good Summit, Raj Shah, USAID administrator, emphasized the urgency of the issue and the fact that so few people have been paying attention. "To really solve the problem, we need more of you to be engaged," he said. "We need you to make this visible."He reminded the crowd that 13 million African people are in the middle of the worst drought in 60 years and the worst famine in 20.

Raj Shah explained more about the initiative on the USAID blog:

FWD--stands for Famine, War, Drought: the three major crises that have led to this perfect storm of devastation in the Horn of Africa. But it also stands for our call to action--that people get informed, get engaged and forward this information on to their friends and families.

The FWD campaign is our attempt to make our world smaller--to connect people with the clear knowledge and understanding of exactly what is happening in the Horn--and giving them a powerful way to respond.

The initiative is working to boost food security by supporting agricultural research and better farming, and helping to boost markets for local farmers. It has gotten Google, Facebook and Twitter involved so it's a little easier for everyone to share this information.

Check out to learn more about the initiative and its response plan.

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