USA Today on Planet Green

I thought for a second that our founder Graham had grown a beard and gone back to the land, but no, it is Adrian Grenier, who will produce and appear in The Green Life, which aims "to inspire on an emotional level his own brand of environmentalism." It is all on Planet Green, the Discovery Network's new channel airing all green, all the time. (Treehugger writers contribute to its gestating website)

USA Today covers the new network, interviewing Discovery Network CEO David Zazlav. "It used to be that green was granola and left," he says. But with interest in environmentalism broadening beyond the hard-core planet-in-peril preachers, Discovery is eyeing a mainstream audience for its brand of advocacy.

"We're not going to be 'The ice is melting,' " he says; the audience already gets that message. "We want to engage people in a fun way and in the spirit of what we can all do together."

They have developed a lineup including Greensburg , produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, which chronicles the rebuilding and "greening" of the Kansas town leveled by a tornado last May.( Planet Green here); Wa$ted , a contest adapted from a New Zealand format that offers cash to homeowners who cut out their "eco-horrors." and Renovation Nation , a green-focused home-refurbishing show hosted by Steve Thomas (This Old House). ::USA Today

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