US Wind Power Prospects Continue To Grow


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) estimates that, after installing over 2,400 megawatts (MW) in 2006, the industry will install over 3,000 MW in 2007. About 31 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) will be generated by wind power in the U.S. in 2007, enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 3 million average homes. As wind power grows at a rate of 25%-30% per year, it creates employment. In 2006 alone, leading wind turbine manufacturers opened facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

AWEA also asks, in their annual report, Our Electricity Supply Was Built up in Successive Waves: Will Wind Be Next? (Refering to picture above, titled:- Annual U.S. Generating Capacity Installations by Source)Utility-scale Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Supply Chain:
Examples of Companies Across the U.S. Involved In Wind Power (from AWEA).

1 Vectorply. Phenix City, AL (composites for blades)
2 GE Energy, Tehachapi, CA
(wind turbine manufacturing facility)
3 Bragg Crane & Rigging Service, Long Beach, CA
(cranes, rigging, transportation)
4 GE Energy, Pensacola, FL
(blade technology development)
5 Mitsubishi Power Systems, Lake Mary, FL
(gear boxes)
6 White Construction Inc., Clinton, IN
(construction services)
7 Winergy Drive Systems Corporation, Elgin, IL
(gear units, generators, power converters)
8 Trinity Industries, Clinton, IL (towers)
9 Clipper Windpower, Cedar Rapids, IA
(turbine manufacturing, assembly)
10 Siemens, Fort Madison, IA (blades)
11 Acciona Energia, West Branch, IA (planned)
(turbine manufacturing)
12 Beaird Industries, Shreveport, LA
(towers, tower flanges and bolts)
13 Second Wind Inc., Somerville, MA (anemometers,
electronic controllers, sensors/data loggers)
14 Suzlon Wind Energy, Pipestone, MN
(blade manufacture, turbine assembly)
15 D.H. Blattner & Sons, Avon, MN (construction)
16 M.A. Mortenson Co., Minneapolis, MN (construction)
17 Hendrix Wire & Cable Inc., Milford, NH
(cables to substations)
18 Hailo LLC, Holbrook, NY (ladder and lift systems)
19 DMI Industries, West Fargo, ND (towers)
20 LM Glasfiber, Grand Forks, ND (blades)
21 Trinity Structural Towers, Tulsa, OK (towers)
22 Owens Corning Composites, Granville, OH
(composites for blades)
23 Hamby Young, Aurora, OH
(substations and high voltage applications)
24 Gamesa, Ebensburg, PA (blade, nacelle,
tower manufacturing)
25 GE Energy, Erie, PA (wind turbine components)
26 GE Energy, Greenville, SC (turbine assembly plant)
27 Knight & Carver, Howard, SD (blade manufacturing)
28 Aerisyn Inc, Chattanooga, TN (towers)
29 Thomas & Betts Corp., Memphis, TN
(towers, tower flange and bolts)
30 DeWind, Inc./TECO Westinghouse,
Round Rock, TX (wind turbine manufacturing)
31 Trinity Structural Towers, Fort Worth, TX (towers)
32 CAB Incorporated, Nacogdoches, TX (blade extender,
hub, nacelle frame, tower flange and bolts)
33 NRG Systems, Hinesburg, VT (anemometers,
sensors/data loggers)
34 GE Energy, Salem, VA (wind turbine components)
35 Tower Logistics, Huntington, WV (lifts for turbines)
36 PowerClimber, Seattle, WA (traction hoists,
rigging equipment)
37 Vestas, Windsor, Colorado (planned)
(blade and turbine manufacturing)

Via:: AWEA