US Temperatures: Yup, Still Rising

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Even though many Americans don't think it's a critical problem, and that a few fact-denying loudmouths keep trying their damnedest to dominate climate news, temperatures are still indeed continuing their alarming warming trend. Climate change is still happening, and it's happening right here in the US. That's the problem with facts--no matter how loud you yell, data is still data. And the most recent data from a brand new study reveals that we're now seeing more record high temperatures and fewer lows in the US than ever before.Andrew Revkin of Dot Earth explains:

Scientists sifting for trends in record high and low temperatures across the United States have found more evidence of long-term warming of the climate, with the biggest shift coming through a reduction in record low nighttime temperatures.
And while that's big news, it isn't too much of a surprise. In fact it's a "pattern long predicted by climate scientists using computer simulations." The researchers also carefully sifted through the data to ensure that any "possible distortion of trends related to changes in instruments or conditions at and around weather stations." The results are plotted on the graph below:


The research finds that even at the end of the 21st Century, according to the models, even after the temperatures have warmed up 3 degrees Centigrade on average, we'll still be seeing a few record lows--that's one of the study's key messages. So for the last time, that cold day in a Minnesota summer is not a valid refutation of climate change.

The findings in this study are being submitted to the peer-reviewed journal Geophysical Research Letters, and were produced by a partnership between the Weather Channel and the non-profit Climate Channel, according to Revkin.

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