US States Exporting Own Renewable Energy While Importing Coal, Whaaat?!?

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It's may not be revelatory for some people, but Union of Concerned Scientists has a pretty cool game/educational doohickey out that highlights how many utilities, particularly in Southern and Midwest states are importing coal for electricity even when they've got more than ample local renewable resources--some of which, like biomass, are even currently being produced but shipped overseas. Here's the example from Georgia:

where does our electricity come from union of concerned scientists image

As you can see, Georgia's utilities are spending $2.6 billion outside of the state importing coal, while at the same time producing woody biomass for power generation, but shipping in to Europe.

Other slides in the series go into more detail on this, and highlight the renewable energy potential of many other states doing similarly head-scratching things with energy.

It all ends with a quiz to take, which is frankly structured so that if you've only half paid attention through the presentation you're still going to do well.

Check it out: Where Does Our Energy Come From?
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