US Senator Explains Why We Need to Green the Economy in 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

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As frustrating as it is to see good environmental policy unfold ever so slowly in the US Congress, it's encouraging to know that there are indeed sitting congressmen who understand the vast potential clean energy reform presents. We've heard from Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), John Kerry (D-MA), and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) on why they support forging a strong climate bill. Now, watch Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as he deftly explains why we need energy reform, and why we need it now--in five minutes flat.This video is from a weekly segment called Senator Sanders Unfiltered, in which the legislator takes on a topic and gives a brief, compelling talk on it. This week, the show is Environment + Economy = Harmony.

Well said, Mr. Sanders. The independent senator covers just about as many bases as you can in five minutes, and his points about energy independence should appeal to folks on both sides of the aisle--because they make perfect sense.

Just an aside, here: I really wish there were more shows like this, in which a congressperson makes use of new media to reach out to his constituents in an interesting, easily digestible way--and actually talks about issues. Seems to be a good way to get familiar with your rep or senator's views, and to stay on top of policy news.

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