US Senate Republicans Have A Better Idea (Than Dropping The Gas Tax)

Just in time for summer driving: real gusher of a US Senate Bill has come up. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?
The American Energy Production Act, introduced today by Senator Domenici and Senate Republicans, will address America’s soaring gas prices by focusing on common sense measures that will increase production of oil and gas in America.
What sort of solutions are proposed? Drilling in "Atlantic and Pacific regions of the Outer Continental Shelf." Biggest innovation yet: "competitive oil and gas leasing program for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Plain." Free drilling permits all around. And, stop that site-specific environmental permitting thing that EPA does - because that's no doubt what's been preventing the oil majors from building new refineries. Oh, and, stop filling the strategic petroleum reserve (no more hurricanes allowed). There's also a mandate for coal to liquids production. But they save the best stuff for last...Because our military needs fuel from Alberta Crude.
Repeals Section 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which prohibits federal agencies from procuring alternative fuels with lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions greater than those associated with conventional fuels that they replace. This provision could threaten the ability of our military to reduce its reliance on foreign sources of oil.

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