US Seed Sales Up 19% - Time To Get Moving On Your Garden Plans

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AP reports that major garden vegetable seed suppliers are selling out as 'recession gardening' takes off. For money quotes on the sudden popularity of home gardening, see Jeff's complimentary post:- Feeling Broke? Plant A Garden..

The point is, don't wait to order the seeds of your dreams. Other items that should not be postponed: signing up for that community garden plot; turning over a new plot while soil is still porous and wet; and, getting your soil tested.

Look below for this writer's current favorite seed sources.If all you plan to do is put a few tomato and pepper plants containers on the deck, skip mail order and buy some plants and a few seed packets at a home or garden center.

However, if you have a good sized plot, and especially if you are looking for heirloom or unusual seeds, here are three of my current favorites. Note: some mail order houses sell very nice live plants.

The Cooks Garden
Vermont Bean Seed Co.
Seeds of Change
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Natural Gardening Company - Organic Seed Nursery
Locally Grown Landscape and Garden Plants

US Seed Sales Up 19% - Time To Get Moving On Your Garden Plans
The point is, don't

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