US Presidential Candidate From New Mexico Thirsty For Wisconsin Water


Maybe winning the Wisconsin presidential primary isn't so important for Bill Richardson? Nor might be Minnesota's, Michigan's, or Indiana's? At least that's the impression one might get from an on-record statement from US Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson.

"If elected, Richardson said, he would bring states together to talk about a way for water-rich northern-tier states to help with shortages in the Southwest. He also said he would elevate the Bureau of Reclamation to a Cabinet-level post. The bureau within the U.S. Interior Department manages water resources in the West."""I believe that Western states and Eastern states have not been talking to each other when it comes to proper use of our water resources," Richardson told the Sun. "I want a national water policy. We need a dialog between states to deal with issues like water conservation, water reuse technology, water delivery and water production. States like Wisconsin are awash in water.""

Ohhh boy. Them's getting close to fighting words for Badgers. Great Lakes citizens, Badgers included, might be able to strike a deal though. Life Belters send their spent nuclear fuel rods for "final disposition" to the soon-to-be-bone-dry South Western States (Sun Belt). Payback comes in the form of credits toward discounted future water shipments. The ultimate climate change insurance.

Just kidding. But here's a clue. When drought becomes unbearable, there won't be enough time or resources to ship Great Lakes water to prop up unsustainable practices like fountains on the Las Vegas strip. Sun-Belters with money will migrate to the Life Belt states. Those who "Ain't got the dough rey me" will re-enact the Dust Bowl era that Woody Guthrie captured so perfectly in his lyrics. When that happens, who gets to be quoted first with a "who'd of guessed this would happen" remark, Katrina-like? We'll leave that to a future primary season.

Aside: we realize that plenty of South Westerners are wise enough to know what is sustainable and what's not. The jibe is aimed at politicians of any stripe who think that the future is a poker chip which can be gambled on personal ambition.

Out of fairness to candidate Richardson, he got the conservation, re-use, and state summit ideas right. The leaky cross-country plumbing idea is what causes the most angst. Somehow, also, the Great Lakes states need to get across the idea that they too experience drought and are in no way "awash in water." Have a look at this drought index map from September, for example.

Via:: Las Vegas Sun, Politics, "Sharing water is key to Richardson's plan" Image credit::US DOE, Grand Junction Perspective

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