US Navy Vice Admiral: Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier (Video)


Photo via Nature Blog

By now, it's become quite clear that climate change presents a number of threats to life on Earth. So while manipulative politicians and skeptical media outlets continue to voice dissent, institutions like the US military are already in the process of planning, with the aid of climate scientists, how to cope with global warming. Politicians may not have to take science seriously, but thankfully those in charge of keeping abreast of geopolitical affairs do. Recently representatives from the US and UK navies held a panel on the impact of climate change on national security at the American Natural History Museum -- here are the video highlights.

Dennis V. McGinn, retired vice admiral of the U.S. Navy, does a good job of summing up how climate change poses a national security threat, and how it could destabilize societies around the world:

He also discussed why he feels we must act to combat climate change now, despite the skeptics' claims that uncertainty still exists:

The event, which also included the Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, climate and energy security envoy of the UK Ministry of Defense and Foreign Commonwealth Office, as a panelist, turned out to be a lively affair, with both men clearly explaining why both the US and UK military are taking climate change dead seriously, even if large swaths of the public aren't. I'll feature more video and analysis in an upcoming post.

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