U.S., Iran Agree on Need for Increased Environmental Education


Despite the fact that representitives from Iran and the U.S. agree on virtually nothing else in the world, representatives from both countries at the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Bali are among those pointing out the need for increased environmental education, particularly in the face of global warming.

As Valerie Davis of EnviroMedia Social Marketing points out, "Lip service or not, one thing was clear: Governments around the world are struggling to implement the educational requirements of Article 6 of the UNFCCC, which was adopted in 2002 and expires this month. Probably no one in the world is against education as a key to addressing climate change, but paying for the initiatives is another story, and countries around the world are turning to businesses for help."
And as people with an eye on both the business and environmental worlds are well aware, it's high time to seriously consider a significant increase public-private partnerships that can give corporate green claims the legitimacy they need, and give governments, non-profits, and activists the opportunity to increase the rate of progress in educating the world on the effects of climate change.

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via:: EnvironmentalLeader

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