U.S. Green Building Council Launches Catalog of Top-Tier Green Building Ed. Programs


Well, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently announced the launch of their new Education Provider Program (EPP). The goal is to ultimately create an extensive "course catalog" of top-tier green building educational programs, peer-reviewed and approved by the USGBC, making it easy for those in the field looking to upgrade their skills to find them.

According to Peter Templeton, Senior Vice President of Education and Research for USGBC, "The program will review and promote top-quality, innovative courses that will expand green building knowledge and capacity across all sectors of the industry."
The courses which have already been approved are listed on the USGBC website and will soon be incorporated into the newly-launched Greenbuild365 website, their online portal for green building education.

If you're in the field or considering it, checking out what they've got to offer sounds like a bright idea to me

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via:: USGBC

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