US Governor Plays 15-Year, $20 Million Dollar "Texas Hold 'Em" Bet On Coal-To-Liquids Plant

As reported in the Weatherford Texas Democrat, "Texas has one-upped the state of Illinois again in the battle to win FutureGen, the U.S. Department of Energy's experimental mega-power plant Gov. Rick Perry announced a $20 million funding commitment Monday, which significantly boosts Texas' effort to win the federal gasification and carbon capture demonstration project". Governor Perry has upped the ante against US Senator Barack Obama and his home State of Illinois, whose parallel interest in having the "FutureGen" we mentioned in a previous post. Apparently, the C02 captured from the prospective Texas FutureGen plant emissions would be sold for use in oil well injection -- to increase Texas oil production, presumably. Our favorite quote from the article:-"As the global debate surrounding coal-fueled power plant emissions escalates, no other state in the nation is more cognizant of these issues than Texas."

And our second favorite quote:- "Because of the tremendous work and talent our state has devoted to the FutureGen pursuit, Texas is positioned as a premiere authority in clean coal technology," Who'd have thought it?

The entire article is certainly worth reading. You'll find it here.

Image credit: We Do It All Vegas.

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