US Government Awards Millions To Create "Forest Thinning" Jobs

john deere- tracked 853 feller-buncher photo

John Deere tracked 853 feller-buncher. Image credit:John Deere Corp.

U.S. Department of the Interior will grant $15 million to 55 projects to "thin overgrown forests" [logging] and remove potential fuels for wildfires on public lands" [so the wood can be burned elsewhere]. The "hazardous fuels reduction" projects selected will create jobs in 12 states. The DOI press release on this program reports that "wood removed during such projects is generally of a poor quality that is not wanted by lumber mills, but it can serve as an excellent source of biomass energy." Bambi, reportedly, is conflicted about this use of taxpayer dollars, because, while it reduces the chance of loosing Mom to a forest fire, it also means fewer places for Thumper to hang out."Thinning" as in these projects, likely involves far more hand labor than the usual mechanized logging project would.

Texas style tree thinning project photo

Texas-style tree thinning project. Image credit:ThinkProgress.

Wading into the brush for some hot, humid biomass gathering action this summer, workers will be greeted by wood ticks, mosquitoes, deer flies, gnats, and no-see-ums. Bug juice dripping behind sweat covered goggles, overweight Americans will be thinning trees. You gotta love it because the lumber mills don't. Could this thinning be targeting pine beetle destroyed woodlands? Nothing said in the press release.

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