US Federal Judge Awards Compensation For Chinese Drywall-Caused, Wiring, HVAC, Appliance Damages

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Stack of Chinese-made drywall. Image credit:Sarasota FL HeraldTribune

A Federal judge has ruled that seven Virginia homeowners made legitimate damage claims regarding corrosion of metal items in the home and personal inconvenience caused by use of contaminated Chinese-made drywall to repair hurricane damage. Acid gases emanating from the Chinese drywall drove people from their homes and corroded non-noble metals in appliances and structural materials. Hence, claims run to hundreds of thousands of dollars for each home because they cover much more than replacement of Chinese drywall.

Because the acid gas emanating from Chinese drywall permeates insulation on wiring throughout a home, all drywall comes down and everything gets rewired. Consequently, complete demolition of interior walls and ceilings may be required, even from surfaces where original drywall was not replaced with the Chinese product. Just one problem. Home owners have to get the money from Chinese manufacturing companies, some of which are owned by the Chinese government. So...filing suit against a military dictatorship already at odds with the US government over fiscal policy...good luck with that. Bottom line:For the future.
When building or repairing or upgrading a building, especially when demand is high, look for certification that no drywall or drywall components were sourced from China. In other words, have your contractor buy US-made product. Chinese characters on the load, turn that truck around.

In politics.
These claims come from US Southern states. This is the kind of judicial activism their constituents no doubt will like. There's still time for it to come up as an election issue. I'll have mine with butter and salt.

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