US Emission Reduction Efforts Inadequate: IPCC Chair and Lord Stern Play Good Cop-Bad Cop

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Dr Rajendra Pachauri speaking at the Copenhagen Climate Congress in March. Photo: Lizette Kabré/Copenhagen Climate Congress

On numerous occasions now I've said that while President Obama's greenhouse gas emissions reductions may be deep enough in the long run, they simply aren't adequate in the short term to give us a fighting chance to keep global temperature rise below the critical 2°C threshold. According to recent quotes by AFP, Lord Nicholas Stern and IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri concur, and both urge the US to make deeper cuts. It's a bit of good cop-bad cop on climate change:After talks with the European Commission, Lord Stern smacks the table,

The US objectives are not strong enough; they have to make their commitments stronger.

Referring to what the US will do by the time the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen happen this coming December, Pachauri soothes things a bit,

I feel optimistic. There will be a targetable effort from the part of the US. The US will catch up.

US Proposals For Short Term Reductions Not Enough
Though the Obama administration's climate change policy is night and day better than his predecessor's, the consistent word from scientists is that if we want the best chance of ensuring the climate we will leave to future generations (not to mention all the countless other forms of life on this planet), we need to keep temperature rise to below 2°C. And the only way to do that is to make deep emissions cuts in the short term.

Pachauri may be optimistic in that the US will come around and pledge the necessary cuts, but based on everything I've seen so far, I am less optimistic.

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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