US Department of Transportation Gives $153 Million to Chicago to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Chicago photo
Your tax dollars at work. On one side, subsidize more roads, sprawl, and related infrastructure, on the other, subsidize various approaches to try to convince people to keep off the roads. The US Department of Transportation (DoT) is transferring $153 million to Chicago to help it reduce traffic via congestion pricing for street parking spaces and the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit system.

"The federal funds will be used to support Chicago’s creation of four pilot routes of a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network. The new BRT routes will have their own dedicated lanes and the buses will be equipped with technology to help speed them through traffic with priority right of way at busy signalized intersections. In addition, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will be able to purchase new and cleaner hybrid engine vehicles." Congestion pricing for street parkings means raising the rates during rush hours, mornings and evenings.

How about doing like Portland and aiming for a Platinum Level in "Bicycle Friendliness"? ::DOT to Provide More Than $153M to Chicago to Reduce Traffic Congestion

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