US Climate Change Concerns Approach Record Low

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I could editorialize about this for a while, but here's the straight story: A new Gallup poll found that just 51% of respondents said the worry "a great deal" or "fair amount" about climate change. That's one percentage point away from the all-time low recorded in 1997. It's also down from a high of 66% registered in 2008.

Other bits of drooping concern for the future (yes, some editorializing...) included a drop of eleven percentage points when it comes to people believing that the effects of climate change are already occurring, now down to 49% of respondents. As for media coverage of climate change: 43% of people responded that they though the media exaggerate the seriousness of the the issue; 29% of people say the seriousness is downplayed; 26% said coverage was accurate.

Read more: Yahoo News (h/t Yale e360)

Remember that, at least when it comes to sea level rise, despite public perception mainstream media over the past 20 years has largely accurately portrayed what scientists have said--that's according to analysis in Environmental Research Letters.

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