US-China Bilateral Climate Deal Likely in November, Senator Says


photo: Beth Rankin via flickr

It's well known now that the US and China have had plenty of behind-the-scenes climate talks, but here's something really tantalizing: The New York Times. reports that Senator Maria Cantwell -- who's in Beijing discussing clean energy and intellectual property issues -- has said that a bilateral climate deal between the US and China is likely to be signed when President Obama visits China in November:On the importance of this, Cantwell said:

If you are producing 40 percent of emissions -- which is what China and the United States are together -- what a legacy, and what a great relationship you could create by saying that's what these two great countries stepped up to do.

I'll reserve comment on the legacy of this potential move until I find out what is actually agreed upon, but the possibility is indeed great. If accord can be reached between China and US on emissions reductions, provided they are inline with the strongest scientific recommendations, it will be a huge step forward in combatting climate change.

50% Chance US Will Have Climate Bill by December
That said, Cantwell also though the likelihood of a US-China deal being signed was greater than a US climate bill would be signed by the end of the year. Cantwell said there was a "50-50 chance" that a unified version of the American Clean Energy & Security Act would be passed.

via: New York Times
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