US Chamber of Commerce to Fight EPA on Clean Air Act CO2 Regulation

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In between all the talk over the past few days of monogamous animals, a Georgian luger dying, and stepped up military efforts in Afghanistan (Talislam! according to the NY Post), you probably missed the fact that the US Chamber of Commerce has added its voice to the effort to get the EPA to stop even considering regulating CO2 under the Clean Air Act:In its press release on the move the Chamber says that it "strongly supports efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere" but that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

The wrong way is through the EPA's endangerment finding, which triggers Clean Air Act regulation. Because of the huge potential impact on jobs and local economies, this is an issue that requires careful analysis of all available data and options. Unfortunately, the agency failed to do that and instead overreached...

The right way is through bipartisan legislation that promotes new technologies, emphasizes efficiency, ensures affordable energy for families and businesses, and defends American jobs while returning our economy to prosperity. We also need a comprehensive international agreement that includes all CO2 emitting economies, which the Chamber has been actively working toward.

'Actively Working Toward'... Um, Not So Much
If you're scratching your head right now, or moving up to that search field to do some quick archive research, because all this talk about the Chamber wanting action on climate change seems like doublespeak, you're not crazy.

Not so long ago the US Chamber of Commerce was doing its foot-draggingest darndest to obstruct climate legislation in Congress--losing a number of high profile members in the process--and asked for public hearings on the reality of climate change. In fact The Yes Men spoofed the Chamber's positions on global warming.

In other words, despite rhetoric to the contrary, despite painting itself as wanting to take action on climate change, and no longer objecting to the science itself, it just tries to obstruct whatever the latest agenda item is.

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