US Chamber of Commerce Says We Shouldn't Fund Renewable Energy, But Fossil Fuels Are A-OK

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photo: Lori Doty/Creative Commons

The US Chamber of Commerce hasn't built itself a reputation for environmental friendliness in the past couple of years. In fact on climate change in particular it's built itself up as a moronically myopic organization. In it's latest head-scratching move has come out against setting aside money for renewable energy research. Here's Karen Harbert, president of the Chamber's Institute for 21st Century Energy:

Can we, in the economic times in which we find ourselves, continue to fund the type of research and development that were spent in the stimulus package on very high cost energy sources? It may be lovely to think about a world without fossil fuels, but that simply is not America's reality. (Climate Progress)

Harbert also suggest that Congress members should "rethink attempts to set aside large amounts of money for research and development of nascent energy technologies like wind and solar at the expense of conventional forms of energy like oil" (The Hill).

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