US Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Possible Carbon Tariff: Indicates "Green Trade War" May Result

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Steel factory in the northern Indian city of Kanpur.
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Knee-jerk opposition to the possibility of a carbon tariff on imported goods is the predetermined response of a business and consumer culture addicted to low costs possible only with cheap overseas labor and inefficient (wasteful) or dangerous manufacturing processes. Reuters covered the US Chamber of Commerce's position on a carbon tariff. ""We urge the Senate to refrain from including provisions that could negatively impact U.S. relations with key trading partners and disrupt the global trading systems," the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Foreign Trade Council and two other groups said in a letter to Senate leaders." To be clear, I expressly feel that consumers must share the blame with industry; and emphasize that climate bill opponents brought up the "war" metaphor. And they mean war. Read on for details.

Leading U.S. business groups warned Congress Wednesday it could start a "green trade war" by passing a climate change bill that threatens other countries with tariffs on energy-intensive goods.

Adjust China's greenhouse gas equivalent (GHG-e) emissions for the manufacturing work US consumers have delegated to it, subtracting emissions from making and shipping goods for sale in the US, and the US goes back to the top of the blame heap. But that is logic, and emotion is the instigator of war.

With the economy and jobs down, even a hint of risking further decline brings terror to the hearts of US elected officials. Climate War is the new battle flag; and US States with the highest dependency on imports (California for example) will retreat every time it's flown.

Those who floated the idea of a carbon tariff may have to rethink their strategy.

I was always fond of "buy American," which really covers the entire continent.

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