US and Mexico Form Partnership to Fight Climate Change

US mexico climate partnership photo

Photo via Cleveland

Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon yesterday, and one outcome of their talks was a partnership to combat climate change and promote clean energy. According to Reuters, the aptly named "US-Mexico Bilateral Framework on Clean Energy and Climate Change" was designed to foster political and technical cooperation on a slew of green issues between the two nations.Like many recent meetings and speeches between and by heads of state, this gathering laid a framework at best—it was more symbolic than pragmatic. A key component—actual strategies to reduce greenhouse gases remain to be discussed. As of now, the Bilateral Framework includes a (so far) ill-defined focus on:

"renewable energy, energy efficiency, adaptation, market mechanisms, forestry and land use, green jobs, low carbon energy technology development and capacity building,"

The joint statement issued by Obama and Calderon also said that Mexico would host one of the upcoming international meetings on climate change. Mexico is also looking to host the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference—you know, the one after Copenhagen—a move apparently supported by the US.

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