Urinals Disguised as Trash Cans: Everyday Objects vs Anti-Social Behavior

wheelie bin urinal design project

Image credit: DesignBoom

From the shared flush to the selective flush to the superiority of male pee in compost, I was told by one commenter that my apparent obsession with urine was "a little creepy." But to paraphrase the famous book, everybody pees, and dealing with that pee is a resource intensive business—so we'd better find new ways to dealing with this problem/opportunity. I suggested in my post on peeing in public that the ugly temporary urinals that spring up in British town centers to mitigate anti-social urination would be a whole lot more appealing if they collected urine as the valuable resource it is. Now designer Stephen Bischof is attempting to do just that. Better yet, he's disguised said urinals as your everyday household trash can. The idea for the Wheelie Bin Urinal, featured over at Design Boom, comes from Stephen Bischoff's Design Rat project, which takes everyday objects and explores how they might modify according to public behaviors.

The idea is certainly neat. Urine is collected in the base where it mixes with dried grass clippings or wood ash, creating a useful fertilizer. (After all, yellow is the new green. In fact, urine fertilizer increases tomato yields by a factor of four!) Of course, while this is a neat design project, problems remain. I can imagine I would not be happy to find a drunken Friday-night reveller mistaking my trash can for a public toilet. But then, from what I remember of Friday nights in my home town, British drinkers do that all the time anyway. Oh, the motherland...

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