Urgent Call from Architecture for Humanity

We have received an urgent request from Cameron at Architecture for Humanity.

"In 2004 Hurricane Ivan ravaged the island of Grenada. A majority of the housing stock was affected. After a disaster reconstruction can take years for life to be restored.

Last week Hurricane Emily hit Grenada head on. hundreds of families are displaced yet again. With 70 GV Shelters ready to go we are trying to coordinate a plan to deliver homes to the island by mid next week.

Unfortunately to make the plane the homes need to get from Georgia to the Amerijet at the Miami Airport. (we have access to a flight on Tuesday) We desperately need access to a 53ft flatbed truck that can drive from Kennesaw to Miami.

If any treehuggers out there have a relative, friend or know anyone who has access to a suitable flatbed please contact cameron (at) architectureforhumanity.org"