Urban Communities and Peak Oil: Transition Brixton (Video)

transition brixton tube station photo

Image credit: Wikipedia

Yesterday we looked at Al Jazeera's report on Transition Town Totnes—offering a vision of how small towns are tackling climate change and peak oil through community involvement. But how does the Transition model relate to the city? On the one hand, urban density and great mass transit make city living green. On the other hand, almost everything is trucked in, so where does that leave the concept of resilience?A group of activists have been exploring how diverse urban communities can build resilience and reduce emissions. From the relatively uncontroversial notion of supporting local business, through to the rather radical concept of creating a car free borough, these folks are certainly considering a whole range of solutions.

And while I may have questioned the choice of imagery on the Brixton Pound back in September (and falsely stated that The Clash were a Brixton band...), it's great to see professional and thoughtful outreach to local businesses to make sure the local currency does what it is supposed to.

The video below from the Open University's Creative Climate project gives a little more detail.

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