UPS Delivers: European Business Leaders Care About The Environment More Than Their US Counterparts


Via Social Funds :- the UPS Corporation has just completed its 16th annual European Business Monitor Survey . According to their findings, Business leaders across Europe think that protecting the environment should be the number one priority for global political leaders, placing this policy area ahead of sustaining economic growth or securing future energy supplies. Not surprisingly, fifty seven percent (57%) of respondents also consider the environment to be the issue that most divides the EU and the US (beating security or anything related). The graphic we chose to illustrate the concern shared by European business leaders indicates where the pressure is building: along the inter-continental fault line. As shown by the UPS survey results, there seems to be quite a bit of variation of within the Union. For example, “…sixty four percent (64%) of responding French business leaders placed environment at the top [our nuclear reactors help the climate], whereas only twenty eight percent (28%) of surveyed managers in the Netherlands agreed [fingers in the dike].

Looking to solutions, fifty nine percent (59%) of business leaders surveyed responded that the European continent should stake its future on renewable energy, with Spanish being the most strongly supporting of renewables [goodness it’s windy].

Interview numbers were as follows: Belgium (100), France (250), Germany (250), Italy (250), the Netherlands (100), Spain (250) and the UK (250).

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